Frog Venom

Alkaloids in the skin glands of poison frogs serve as a chemical defense against predation, and they are therefore able to be active alongside potential predators during the day. About 28 structural classes of alkaloids are known in poison frogs. The most toxic of poison-dart frog species is Phyllobates terribilis.

Can You Die From Kambo?
Five deaths have been linked to Kambo across the world since its introduction. According to the IAKP’s website, Kambo can have serious adverse side effects or reactions in some people, including seizures and death – especially if it accidentally enters the bloodstream

Poison Dart Frog For Sale
We have a huge collection of captive-bred dart frogs. We like to educate you before you purchase. Select one that you like and read their in-depth description of its origin, care, and other info.

Watch or read Hopping into the Hobby to see our recommendations for the three best beginner dart frogs.
Still not sure if dart frogs are right for you? Read Before You Buy! It explains the ins and outs of being a dart frog parent.

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