Androctonus crassicauda venom is mostly made out of neurotoxins, cardiotoxins, and conceivably myotoxins. Sting casualties make detailed neighborhood impacts (extraordinary agony, redness, and expansion). Fundamental impacts incorporate cardiovascular breakdown, far-off inside dying, visual unsettling influences, and respiratory issues. Deaths essentially happen during respiratory capture, cardiovascular breakdown, and shock.

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Androctonus crassicauda scorpions are viewed as one of the most hazardous on the planet because of their strong toxin and disposition.

Life structures and poison:

Its most notable feature is its tail, as it is altogether different from that of different types of scorpions, which have a noticeably smaller tail. Androctonus metasoma is exceptionally thick and intense from one finish to another, rather than its slim pedipalps.

Androctonus crassicauda scorpion sports a dull variety all through its body, which can be rosy brown, dim brown, or dark. A few pieces of its body have a grainy and exceptionally harsh appearance. Both the pedipalps and the tail of the scorpions and, surprisingly, the bottoms of the feet are covered with spines and exceptionally valuable tangible hairs so they can know their territory.

They by and large measure somewhere in the range of 8 and 10 cm long; that is, they are not species that go unrecognized.

Androctonus crassicauda scorpion’s venom ends up being possibly deadly for people, particularly those with medical conditions, since the neurotoxic parts act rapidly in the body and assault the focal sensory system, causing loss of motion and respiratory disappointment.

Distribution and habitat:

Androctonus crassicauda scorpions possess dry, semi-parched, desert, tropical, subtropical, and calm districts with sandy soils. During the most sultry hours of the day, they stay in tunnels, underwood, and stones, as well as in breaks, development rubble, and inside houses.

They are creatures that need temperatures somewhere in the range of 29.5°C and 35°C (85°F and 95°F) so they can have a fruitful advancement in their life cycle.

Its dispersion covers North and West Africa, the Middle East, and a little piece of Asia. Nations with the presence of this kind of scorpion are Morocco, Egypt, Israel, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates to give some examples.


They are nighttime hunters that utilize their tangible hairs to track down prey. Among their most normal food sources are a few types of bugs, reptiles, different sorts of bugs, rodents, and different scorpions.

They smash their casualties with the assistance of their pedipalps to keep them from getting away, while the stinger infiltrates their skin and deliveries the harmful toxic substance that will incapacitate them in no time flat. They utilize the chelicerae to control their prey and in this way have the option to ingest the nutritious fluids.

Another curiosity: Its Reproduction:

The androctonus crassicauda scorpion has a long courtship process that begins when the male leaves his burrow in search of a mature and available female (they are crooks, right?), this process can last several days and includes taking the female from the pedipalps and walk from one side to another, and from front to back as if it were a planned dance (very crazy fact by the way).

Once the actual mating is done, the female takes between 4 to 6 months to give birth to the little scorpions. The number of offspring on average ranges from 30 to 90 scorpions; these will take refuge on the mother’s back until the first molting period is over. From that moment they will be able to defend themselves and get food autonomously.

Other curiosities of the fat-tailed scorpion in reproduction:

A curious fact is that the female fat-tailed scorpion after mating if she is not pleased with the efforts of the male, she will abandon him or most likely end up killing him and even end up eating him (don’t take that example girls).

Curiously, scorpions are part of the Spider family:

A female can have around 30 to 45 puppies that will keep steady over her until her most memorable shed is made. From that point onward, they can get their own food and protect themselves.


Regardless of their risk, fat-followed scorpions are regularly found in fascinating creature markets, alongside tarantulas and snakes. This can prompt many dangers, both legitimate and wellbeing.

In specific areas of the planet, possessing a creature with these qualities is deserving of regulation because of the great gamble it addresses, so assuming the proprietor gets an incidental nibble, aside from being required to battle to save his life, he should come up against the indictments appointed by Justice. The best, in actuality, is to allow them to live right at home.


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